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    I'm new to the forum and just bought a 1988 Ford Festiva. It's carburetted with a 5-speed manual transmission. Today was day one of disassembly. I need to replace the transmission, clutch, and head gasket. Well that's it for now anyway. We'll see what else I find once the engine and transmission are out.

    Moving on, I had two casualties today. One: a nipple on a vacuum diaphragm broke off. I should be able to easily repair this with JB weld. Two: this switch/sensor on the bottom of the radiator (pictured) broke into pieces when I attempted to remove the two single-wire connectors that attach to it.

    I'm having trouble locating this part in RockAuto's parts catalog. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance that I could get with identifying this part and its function.



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    The Haynes manual refers to it as a fan thermoswitch. According to Haynes only the 1988-1993 models use the switch. On 1994 and later models the fan is controlled by the computer. You could try a search of the Internet on Ford Festiva fan thermoswitch. I generally look on more than one parts website to see if they agree. I have received the wrong part from one website which did not list different parts for different model years. Sorry that's the best I can offer. Another member might have more detailed information.

    PS From the photo it looks like you got a pretty clean car. Nice.
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