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99 WF 1300 Festiva blown head gasket

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  • 99 WF 1300 Festiva blown head gasket

    G'day , Have just acquired another 99 WF 1300 Festiva in pretty clean condition for its age and only 128000 on the clock .. Unfortunately it has a blown head gasket from the previous owner over heating it twice .. The car still starts easy but if left running will heat up pretty quick . Has the lovely caramel oil in the water overflow bottle and from where the thermostat unbolts .. There is no water in the sump oil or in the cylinders .. So from here I believe it is the gasket blown in one of the gallery's so oil is pushing into a water gallery , does that sound right ?
    Has anyone changed a head Gasket on a 1300 before , as I need to get the Torque measurements and sequence to do up the head bolts when I attempt to start the replacement ?
    Any tips on doing this task ??

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    It's fairly straightforward. I like to remove the intake manifold with the head to make getting to those bolts easiest.

    The procedure for tightening is listed in two steps but i use 3. The bolts are not torque to yield so you can use them again.

    I also use copper gasket spray on both sides of the head gasket. Use it liberally.

    In the chart, the first binders are foot pounds, the second numbers in parentheses are in Newton meters
    The tightening sequence is displayed, do it in reverse, ie, start at 10 and work to 1 when removing the head bolts

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