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Finding a leak in the gas tank

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  • Finding a leak in the gas tank

    The Aspire reeks of gas. About a month ago a gas pump decided not to shut off and probably had about 10 gallons in tank that should of had 3 already in it.. didn't know that was possible. That was only the 2nd fillup so I can't say if it was doing it before, don't think so though. On the 3rd gas fill up now almost ready for the 4th. There's a small wet spot on gas tank on the bottom but I can't tell if it's coming down or if that's where the leak is. For the last week it has been dry though. I put a thick bead of the black gasket in a tube around the fuel pump and it did look like it something was coming from there.. it's dry now. The rubber bladder coming from the filler is dry and the smell isn't coming from there. It seems to be coming from the top but I don't know where else it would be leaking on top besides the fuel pump and vent. It does seem to smell more after it's driven. Could it be something with the overfilling? Strange how I'm not seeing any visible drips.
    91 rusty Festiva 260k

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    got a light??? lol

    j/k, take and fill the tank to the top early in the morning with cold fuel. then check when it's warm out. the warmer fuel will expand and push out the hole (if there is one).
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      My car was suffering from the gas smell and i tracked the problem down to a broken fitting on the fume recovery canister located inside the rear fender area below the fuel filler neck. Remove the interior panel in the rear hatch and gently tug on the 3 or 4 hoses going to the canister to see which one is broken. I had to pull a replacement canister from a junkyard for a few bucks to fix the problem. Good luck!
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        I'll try both and see what I get. I haven't checked the hoses yet. There is one that's snaked on top of the tank. Not looking forward to dropping the tank. Those bolts are probably seized.. I have the 25" breaker bar but don't want those bolts broke!
        91 rusty Festiva 260k