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replace the clutch or the transmission

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  • replace the clutch or the transmission

    so my clutch is about to go, it making a lot of noise. I have a parts car that was given to me and i was thinking of just getting someone to swap the trannys. the parts car has 234000km and i have no idea if its good or not. (is there a way to check?, this car isnt running). Should i take the chance with the other tranny or just get a clutch kit for the existing transmission. Keep in mind im not mechanically inclined. im just trying to save as much money as i can. i apprieate any input. thanks

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    Well your going to have to take the clutch out of the parts car so see what it looks like, but IMO if your going to go through all that work you might as well put a brand new one in instead of putting a used one in and having to change it at a later date.


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      ^ I agree, you can get a kit with new pressure plate, disc, throw out bearing and pilot bearing and skip the headache of finding out you have an issue with a noisy throw out bearing or a weak pressure plate. definitely replace the pilot bearing.
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        A new clutch is pretty cheap and who knows if the parts car is going to be good.

        Heres a link. Less then $100,ca...,parttype,1993
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          which kit should i get from rockauto? or are they all good brands.


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            ^ For a stock engine, any of those should be good. The only brand I'm familiar with that RockAuto shows is Sachs. They've been making clutches for many years and are known for good stuff.

            I have an Exedy clutch in mine and it's excellent.

            Here's one on eBay.

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