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Internal Panel removal Procedure (Request)

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  • Internal Panel removal Procedure (Request)

    Hello everybody:

    This is my first post in this forum. I have a ford festiva 92 sold in Venezuela. 5 door version with 1.3 engine and carbureted. Conditioned air is damaged and i need fix it but first of all i would like to make some maintenance in the internal panel before.

    Because the air of out always enters to the cabin and I think that there are escapes or the system of ventilation does not work in a correct way.

    i don't want fix the air conditioning system, to have cold smoke of cars inside and I want to do this work in a correct way.

    The problem is that i don't have any idea how to do this work. If somebody have some photo or image wherefrom the screws and pieces are to removing, I'll be very grateful

    Best regards


    P. D: Sorry for my bad english, I promise that I will practise a bit more.

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    So are you saying that you don't want to fix the a/c? Or are you saying the dash vents aren't working or what? What exactly are you tryng to fix? It seems like you are saying you don't want the a/c. Here in the states, the dash vents never worked for heat. I have never had one with a/c but I can only assume they worked with a/c. If it would be easier for you to speak and explain the situation in your native language, we may have a member on here who can either help you fix the problem or maybe translate for us so we can help fix it.
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      Hey welcome to the best Festiva site on the planet.
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        Thanks for your fast anwser doylerl:

        You are right, I did not explain very well.

        My versión of festiva It was coming with conditioned air system from factory, but with the years Compressor needs maintenance, But, If I take the car to a Mechanical workshop to repair it, then it will work correctly but I will continue with the problem in the internal ventilation system, for example if you don't want the extenal air enter in the cabin, you must move the lever of the central panel destined for it to the closed position (this is my problem even if the lever is closed the external air enter in the cabin). The result is, conditioned air mixed with the external air generally full of smoke and polution.

        For this reason a need make some maintenance before take the car to the Mechanical workshop, In this case, I am ready to make the work of maintenance of the internal system of ventilation by myself. The internal ventilator works perfectly but I want to fix the stamps, rubbers, etc.


        Me native languaje is spanish:

        Quiero hacer el mantenimiento del sistema de ventilación interna de la cabina del vehículo, para ello debo desmontar todo el panel interno y revisarlo antes de arreglar el sistema de aire acondicionado. ¿cómo se desmonta este sistema? no quiero dañar nada en el panel. Muy agradecido por cualquier colaboración prestada al respecto.


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          i know what your saying and to fix the internal venalation system you should not need any tools. under the dash panel there are two black sets of tubing that each have a section that is removable for easy access when fixing these cars, and there is also one more set of black tubing on the passengers side with a removeable piece. these tubes is what routes the air when your flick the little switch that tells the air where to go.

          also controlling the air flow direction and wether you use outside air or recirculate cabin air are three wires that to me resemble bycycle break lines. one of these has a connection point on the drivers side, and two more on the passengers side. i could possible get you pictures in about 13 hours (got to go to work lol). but ill check back to see your progress. good luck


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            thank you for the anwser 89newb:

            How you can see i'm new in this, but i'm professional in other area (electronic technician) But I am very interested for fix the vehicle and i want to take care of the details, soon how i can, I will offer to you a photo, it is not in good condition (by the way, very nice the cars that I saw in other topics of this forum GREAT!!!) but I think that it is a recoverable car.

            My father used it for more than 17 years and I am using it since 2 years ago and never fail jejejej. Automatic transmission will need for repair.



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              Tuxfestiva Edit your profile to show your location. Someone may live close to you!

              And welcome to the best site on the planet!
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                He's in Venezuela.

                Maybe one of our Spanish speaking members can help out here. I'm not quite sure what he needs.

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                  Profile edited scitxx.

                  89newb describes exactly my problem. In fact I need to review if the chassis of the car has some orifice or big hole as where is entering the air instead of the ventilations, this is the reason because i want to dismantle all panel, but I will begin where he suggested me.