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5sp won't go inot any gear.

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  • 5sp won't go inot any gear.

    New to the board and to Festivas I just got a '92 Festiva today from a buddy that won't go into any gear. Sounds like the trans was shifted from 4th to 2nd at 50mph by accident. Clutch was disengaged before any engine damage occurred. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    check out the top arrow in this picture:

    the bushing may have shredded, making the shifter not find a gear ---lower arrow

    you also may want to drain the fluid to check for metal shavings


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      Checked the bushing and it looks new. Drained fluid and no metal shavings. Any other ideas before I pull this thing.


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        if the clutch is OK,

        the shift gate inside the trans could be at fault,

        or you have a paper weight for a trans(stick a fork in it and call it done)


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          Thanks for the help. I am just going to replace it. Looks like I have some more material for the modern art sculpture by my shop. At least that's what I call it. The wife calls it the scrap heap.


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            i had the same problem and it was the shift gate i had mine fixed well i would have rather swapped the trans but my mom works at a ford dealer where i had it fixed(never going again to aamco cause they suck well atleast the one near me) so she gave the go-ahead to fix it b4 calling me cost 1270 including a new clutch kit and a 10 day car rental
            wishing i had a festi again


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              just out of hard is it to accidentaly go from 4th to second? i could understand 4th to 1st accidentaly downshifting aiming for 3rd but second i cant...
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                I was thinking the same thing myself. Either way they managed to toast the trans.


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                  i found out about the shift gate problems a long time ago,

                  when i found SIXTH GEAR


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                    I was thinking 50 mph really isn't too bad in 2nd gear ,I run mine up to 47 mph all the time in 2nd.
                    Maybe it was on it's last leg
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