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The dreaded ping

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  • The dreaded ping

    Another question regarding dad's stiva.. 91 btw. He's about to get fired I didn't think the stiva was in that bad of shape.

    I did 3 seafoam treatments today, holy mother of smoke.. managed to run off the neighbors kids hehe. Might need to run a few more.. it ran like crap for about 5 min's after each. Cleaned the tb and intake hose, it was full of old oil for some reason, no blowby.

    Right now I have techron in the tank with a little mmo. Just replaced the plugs and all the plugs/wires are good. May need to replace gas filter also The only thing I can think causing the ping would be the o2 sensor, but with being the stocker and 184k I don't think even pb blaster would help. I'm going to try to test the sensor but i've never had but luck with that.
    You guys think of anything I overlooked?
    91 rusty Festiva 260k

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    what does the timing belt look like?

    how is the timing?

    have you checked the PCV valve and hoses?

    and just replace the O2 sensor, it isn't that difficult even with those miles
    just get a long breaker bar and a O2 sensor socket that can take the width of a universal O2 sensor


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      He just had the timing belt replaced not to long ago... hmmm. The mechanic who he took it to is fairly reliable but I'll double check it. Funny you mention the pcv valve. I just replaced it because every time he'd change the oil it would spit out about a quart, go to replace the quart and it would do the same unless he let it sit for hours. The old pcv valve came in two pieces, I thought that was odd at the time, but it seems that is where the oil was going.. pretty much all over the front of the engine. All the hoses look good. I already have a socket and replaced the ones in my cars.. i'm just not looking forward to it. Maybe i'll get lucky.
      91 rusty Festiva 260k


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        Well replaced the o2 and fuel filter it's running alot smoother. The denso o2 I ordered was very similar to oem, cost about $16 from rockauto. The filter was original also that must be one hell of a filter.
        91 rusty Festiva 260k