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  • needcoil/distributor

    My coil and distributor are bad. Anyone know where I can get some? Preferably not used. I've repaired or replaced most engine related stuff, now I seem to be moving into the electrical areas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    My mechanic has used all the contacts he knows of and is waiting to hear from a few but slim pickings so far.
    Thanks for listening

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    I've been replacing all that stuff too, autozone has gotten me a distributor, coil, ignition module and a fuel regulator so far, one day wait.
    they are the cheapest, when I compared them to advance auto, napa and a few others who could get the parts.


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      Thanks. I'll call first thing tomorrow. There's a couple nearby. I didn't think anyone would still stock parts. Mine is an 89 Festiva lx
      Thanks for listening


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        oh they can get em, but they sure are expensive. I just shelled out $185 for a rebuilt distributor unit.

        but the car gets 45 MPG so the money isnt going to waste!

        Autozone has a fuel pressure regulator coming in tomorrow for me to try out.
        $80 bucks.

        on the UP side, they are cheaper than everyone else so far, napa wanted 278 bucks for the coil, autozone had it in stock for $81.

        yeah you read that right...

        shop around, they all have crazy prices.


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          Those 2 items are expensive new. You could buy another festiva for the price of a new coil and distributor. I'd really be sure they are the problem before buying new. I would get them tested. Look around at the junkyards 1st.

          It might just be me but I'd be surprised that the coil and distributor are both bad at the same time.

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            its been a process of elimination, the old coil doesnt test the same as the new one does, so i didnt bother to return it, I'll keep it if for no other reason its in better shape.

            the code flashed was the CPS, and thats in the dist.

            the only good thing about repllacing parts till something works is you know what you got now is all new and you have a pile of spares to use later.