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Full Synthetic To Regular Dino Oil

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  • Full Synthetic To Regular Dino Oil

    Does anybody know if I start using full synthetic would it be safe for me to go back to regular dino oil? I keep on reading stuff on the internet that its safe, while I overheard a guy that works at autozone says that its not. So which one is it? Is it safe to go back to regular dino oil after using full synthetic or do I have to keep on using full synthetic oil?

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    It's safe. I've went back and forth over the 40k-50k i've owned the festiva and it still runs strong. Sometimes its best to switch around since one oil might clean one thing the other oil misses. Don't ever believe what a parts salesmen speaks, it's normally bs.
    91 rusty Festiva 260k


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      I've heard the same thing, but i never heard why. To me if theres a reason someone should know before telling you no, thats called a rumor.
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        Your first mistake was listening to anything someone from autozone said.

        No problems with it, but why TF would you want to?

        Less wear, better mileage, longer drain intervals, less oil consumption, etc etc etc.
        AMSOIL dealer and window tinter.
        Trust me folks, you need
        Go ahead and ask me why


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          you can even mix oil and synths together, thats what i do with my galant (to poor to put all synth in) the only reason you would not want to switch to synth in the first place as it can actually expose leaks that were previously gummed up by old fossil oil, but this is usually in older engines (like your festy) you may end up replasing some seals and such but the benefits should outway the costs, better mileage, engine will last longer, and more time between oil changes

          '89 L with a/c. thanks Tim