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Stake nut woes

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  • Stake nut woes

    So I'm piecing back to gether front hub assemblies for my Aspire brake upgrade and I got to the stake nut. Now it's kinda weird cause when I tighten it down onto the axle end the nut screws past or below the stake groove leaving no place to stake the nut. My question I need some kind of spacer or washer to keep that nut up around that groove? And I don't have a torque wrench, so how do I know how much to tighten it down

    '92 Festiva L

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    When I put mine back on I just guessed at the torque.

    I remember there being a washer under the nut.
    OX SMASH!!


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      Found 1 washer!!! I knew I lost em. Hunt continues for 2nd. THX

      '92 Festiva L


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        front stake nuts

        For staking the front nuts, I found that a 2' bolt cutter tool works perfectly; put one tip in the dimple in the center of the axle, the other on the stake nut, and gently squeeze a little.

        This doesn't work on the thinner rear stake nuts.
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