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So, I'm looking to get my first Festiva (broken clutch fork?)

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    Originally posted by Damkid View Post
    FWIW I once drove a Festiva into my garage, pulled the stock engine and replaced it, and drove it back out of the garage with the new engine 4-1/2 hours later.... These things in stock form are very easy to work on lol
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      Never seen the fork itself break on a Festiva, but I did work on one for someone once who had just bought the car. The PO and his buddies had installed a new clutch less than 10k ago, and they apparently overtorqued the bolt holding the fork to the shaft, stripping the threads. After 10,000 miles it had finally bent and wiggled and worked its way loose. It was just chilling out down in the bottom of the bellhousing.
      No festiva for me ATM...


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        XD Yeah, the Forester is about ready to put the engine back in.
        Still gotta do the rear main seal, oil separator plate and the o-ring
        behind the panel that covers the wristpin. I think everything else is
        done. Did a freakin crapload to that vehicle. Hoping she wont have
        to worry about it for a while.

        Nice! Not to mention you could probably pull it out by
        hand instead of a hoist haha that actually your engine bay?

        Definitely good to know. Perhaps the guy did that.
        I need to get back in contact with him.

        My Dad has a Festiva and he's currently getting 60mpg with
        his. That's pretty much what made me want one. Well, technically
        I wanted one back when he was getting 45mpg, but it's more
        enticing now.
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          Originally posted by SWRT View Post
          My Dad has a Festiva and he's currently getting 60mpg with
          his. That's pretty much what made me want one. Well, technically
          I wanted one back when he was getting 45mpg, but it's more
          enticing now.
          There wouldn't happen to be any hard data on that would there?
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            Just these:

            And here's all the goofy looking crap he's done to it so far (he ran out of black paint so he just quit):

            And what I've seen him do riding to work with him.
            He does that engine off coasting crap. It's exhausting watching
            him drive haha

            And sadly as I was going to check out the Festiva on Saturday he
            had sold it that morning he said :/ Bummer
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            1993 Festiva - White/Black - 5 speed


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              That sucks it sold. That's some impressive mpgs I've seen that car on ecomodder.
              I Seen where he said he got his kammback on Craigslist ..was it a pride spoiler?? That's sort of, what it looked like.


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                Yeah, there'll be more. I hope to find a decent one that I can just pull the
                engine, replace all the seals, timing components, water pump, fluids, brakes
                and tires and just drive for a while without having to worry about it. If it's
                that easy to pull the engine it shouldn't be an issue swapping the stuff out.

                Nah, doesn't look like it. It's bulkier. Although that freakin drink holder/tray this one guy
                made looks awesome. The wing fit perfectly, so I just figured it was for a Festiva. That's
                what the guy said, but I cant find any other pictures of one like it. Perhaps it was from
                another brand of car and just happened to fit. Dad worked it out though and he'd have
                to drive the car for another 27k miles for it to pay itself off haha I know he's wanting to
                make an undertray for it to help with airflow so perhaps it'll offset the cost of the wing.

                Ooops...forgot to add the link to his cup holder. I guess he makes a lot of aftermarket
                parts for the Festiva/Pride. Let me find it again:


                Looks like this one, but without the light:

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                1993 Festiva - White/Black - 5 speed


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                  Yes... I know this is a very old thread but it's much easier to find things when using the search feature when you can find everything about a subject in one thread.

                  My friend Sam was driving his 1990 (with 150K on it) and was about 2 mile from his home a few weeks ago when he pressed in the clutch pedal and it would not disengage the clutch.
                  He got the car into a parking lot and called me for help. I went over and found that the clutch fork shaft had popped out of it bottom seat. I tried releasing the pressure on the return spring and pushing the shaft back into place but it would pop back out every time he pushed in the clutch. I called triple A and had it towed to my house and it's still sitting in the driveway. When it gets a little cooler we plant go to the junk yard and pull the entire engine and transmission as a unit from my old 1992 Aqua, do the same with his put the aqua engine trans assembly in his.
                  I plan to leave the trans attached to the lower support beam, disconnect the right side engine mount and the lift the body and pull it out.

                  Anyone done this swap as a unit before? If so please let me know any unexpected problem that you may have run it to.