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Speedometer won't work when the car is cold

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  • Speedometer won't work when the car is cold

    Hi! 2014 Venirauto Turpial owner here (ford festiva manufactured under license)

    The speedometer doesn't work, at least the the car is cold, when I start up the car and drive around my speedometer simply doesn't show anything until around 15-20 minutes of driving, it usually happens in the mornings and that's it, although the tachometer always works.

    Is there a way to fix it? Do I have to replace the speedometer wire?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try pulling the spedometer cable out of the housing, wiping it clean, and lubricating with light oil. You have to get under the car to undo the bottom end of the cable and pull the cable out of the housing. For details do a search of this forum on speedometer cable or consult a repair manual like Haynes. It's better if the free bottom end is pushed up into the engine compartment before pulling the cable out of the housing.

    The tachometer runs off the ignition coil impulses. It's elecrtrical. The speedometer runs of the transmission. It's mechanical.
    Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006. 140k km as of June 2021.