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Ridin' with da Blue Angels

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  • Ridin' with da Blue Angels

    check out this link to a news reporter that got to ride in a F-18...

    Click on all the scenes.

    Pretty intense ride!!!

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      Thats awesome couldn't stop laughing
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        lol sweet, i would love to do somthing like that one day... i wonder if my festiva can pull 7.5gs lol...

        Mike, AKA the sasquatch
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          I'm a total mega-wimp when it comes to motion...even ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds; even swings! This would about kill me. :-)
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            My welding teacher rode with the blue angels back in june... he said it was intense


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              That's so cool. I'd be all over that if I got the chance. Might do the same thing he did 3 times, but I'd definitely go.

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                Thats some power !
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                  Yeah, I'd be singing into a bag! I don't fly without attivan! LOL

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