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an awesome ping pong match with Bruce Lee

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  • an awesome ping pong match with Bruce Lee

    I was looking at some stuff and came across this....I did not realize Bruce was this good with Nun-chucks....I knew he was fast from the movies....but this is amazing....

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    Wow just freaking Wow i am lost for words can you imagine how precise he has to be, be off a little and the ball goes in a diff direction.
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      There is no way that is real!

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        Why did he have to die so young!?:crybaby::crybaby:
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          photoshop is such a wonderful tool.. this is a recreation of what could have been if he were still alive today, give a few years of natural aging and also if he were still training at his usual regime.

          is amazing what digital technology can achieve and such a great athelete/actor is sadly missed by me.

          good ad and i wish that there was a new up-and-comer that would take his place and give our new generation something to aspire to ('scuse the pun)
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