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Photos of Nellie 2018-03-03 (My Yellow 1990 LPlus)

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  • Photos of Nellie 2018-03-03 (My Yellow 1990 LPlus)

    Here are some photos of Nellie that I took today after I uncovered her, backed her out of the garage and gave here sprinkle and wipe down.
    Most of the photos are of Nellie parked next to White Point Garden on the Charleston Battery.

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    that's a good looking festiva


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      "The White Turd" 1993 Festiva 144k miles. (Winner of FOTM November 2016)
      "The Rusty Banana" 1990 Yellow 5 Speed Mud Festiva (Lifted with 27" BKT Tractor Tires)(Winner of "Best Beater Award" - Madness 12 - 201

      "Papa Smurf" 1992 Blue 5 Speed Shell
      "Cracker?" (name pending) 1992 White Auto Shell (Future BP Swap)
      "Green Car..." Scrap Car that Runs?!?
      "Red Car..." Complete Scrap Car

      "El Flama Blanca" 1993 Festiva 104k miles. (Lil Brothers Car)


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        Love it. How much shipped to NJ lol


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          Thanks for the comments guys.
          Nellie is my keeper...but I will put Rosie up for sale in July and Trixie will go to my oldest grandson in September.
          Since Rosie is pretty much a new car mechanically and has a really nice interior, the price (which I have yet to firmly decided on) will be close to half what she sold for new.

          Hard to believe that come September, I will be down to 1 Festiva.


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            Great looking car Jess, Freshtiva has one that is near new, but Nellie is right there with his.
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