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My 93 Festiva

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  • My 93 Festiva

    A member of the Facebook group was selling this and he was to the point where he was ready to part it out and scrap the body. I've watched the forums and the FB group anytime a car came up that "made sense" to buy.... and, this one did. The body is a little more rough than I've ever bought before, but..... this is just going to be a fun little side project from my other stuff.



    The interior was pretty well stripped, except for a set of Sparco seats on custom rails. I've added the back interior panels, LX split rear seat, LX front door panels, full LX center console, A/B/C pillar covers and to be installed shortly is the 88/89 headliner. Swapped in an 88LX hatch with rear wiper and defrost... Not going to take things too far on it, just something fun to rip around in.
    Simon -

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    Very Nice.... Those Miata wheels look just like the ones that I put on Trixie... the 89 that I gave to my grandson last year. I'm sure you have plenty of parts but I have all kinds of stuff stashed away in case you might need something specific.
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      The Miata wheels are really nice on there. I've got a set of 15" Miata wheels that came with it too, but... these just look nicer.

      I actually had no spare parts to begin with, nothing stashed away after THAT many years... But I had 3 really, really good junkyard finds (2 complete 88LX with near complete interiors), 93GL, and another 88 that I was able to really pull all the parts I needed from them.

      Not sure what my actual plans are at this point... but, I'll work on it here and there.
      Simon -


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        With those finds in the junk yard you should should essentially have about every part you might need.