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    Originally posted by steve s View Post
    Using Chrome-- my post (new topic starter) took forever to process, showed "working" on screen, then said timed out, but then when I just started over I found first attempt actually *had* gone through so second was an accidental duplicate-- had similar problems about a week ago--
    Thanks, Steve. I just saw a similar issue when I was trying to access this post... it timed out, gave me a "bad gateway" error, and then loaded when I refreshed the screen. I'm hosting on an old VPS that I run at my office for a few other small websites/email hosting clients, and I know that I sometimes see high utilization from their sites that I think throw a wrench in here.

    Let me know if you keep seeing it and I'll see what our next steps are. Can't complain about something I get for free (too much, lol).
    Simon -