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My festiva didnt come with a factory radio should it still have the wiring?

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  • My festiva didnt come with a factory radio should it still have the wiring?

    My festiva didnt come with a factory radio should the wiring harness still be there or do i have to wire it all from scratch i havent had the chance to take off the bezel to look and i dont have to many opportunities to check right now as the car is not at my house i cant be without a radio and i plan on fixing the car up to daily drive

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    I can't say for certain, but I'm 99.9% sure you will find the connections for a radio in the dash wiring harness. Never had a Festiva without a radio myself.
    You should also have wire present for the two dash speakers and the two rear speakers.


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      I pulled a factory radio block off plate out of the junk yard a few years ago and the plugs were connected to the back of the plate. So you should also have them. If you install an aftermarket radio get a harness so you don't have to cut up the factory harness.


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        Thats great to hear ill update once get a chance to look in the car thank you both a ton


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          Update just as you guys said the wiring is plugged into the back of the cubby space on the radio bezel thank you guys so much


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            My '89 came with a radio and antenna. I would guess yours does not have the antenna or the antenna cable? The antenna on mine is in the driver's door post.

            Correction: My car came without a radio but with the antenna and cable. It's my memory which is faulty. I bought a cheap radio and installed it. Before I put in the radio there was a moulded plastic recess in the dash where you could put stuff - sunglasses, cigarettes, whatever. I still have the moulded plastic recess. I tend not to toss things out.
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