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Whiskey Tango is THIS clutch and flywheel?

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  • Whiskey Tango is THIS clutch and flywheel?

    I was rooting through the parts on hand (summer parts= "Summer still good...") and found a clutch and flywheel that must be for the Capri B6T engine and trans -

    But it looks nothing like what's in the book...

    On left is what I believe is a stock B3 Festiva Flywheel

    I've never seen one like this before

    My Turbo machine has a B3 trans in it, and the Capri trans (on the floor of the shop at the mo) is about to be looked over real close. Meanwhile I have a bad clutch in a B6T Festiva with a trans I ought to stick in my white car

    I sent for a B6T clutch kit before double checking what was in there

    I do now have graved into my brain the knowlege that a B6T trans has a 15/16ths inch input shaft with 22 splines, and stock Festiva B3 trans have a 3/4 inch shaft, and 18 splines

    B6 & B6T trannies have a tin cover on the drivers side end also
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    The disc that was between them doesn't even have any wear marks on it - it's still rough from the factory.

    I've got no clue Guys and Dolls...

    * member Studebaker is helping me sort out a bag of snakes between the two cars I have left
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      The new clutch fits the funky looking flywheel, so I guess it must be so...


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        It sure looks like my B6T flywheel, and if it fits the clutch you bought for a B6T, that pretty much nails it.
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