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  • civic struts

    i hope this idea hasnt been beaten to death but i couldnt find anything with the search button.

    do the struts from a civic fit a festiva? i know the springs will, im just wondering about the struts.

    are the springs stiff enough (stock) on the civics to make a difference if i install them?

    here is the set im looking at

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    struts wont fit... the perches dont even look close...

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      any clue on the spring rates? worth picking up?


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        Those don't quite look right to me. Fronts don't have proper strut bottoms. Springs may "fit," but I wouldn't know. Rear struts look too short and have different bottoms too. Rear springs aren't shaped right.

        Try front struts from a junkyard '01 to '02 Rio. Struts should be bolt in and you should be able to cut the front springs to lower it to stock ride height or lower. I'm planning on that conversion shortly on AquaMutt, probably using my already cut Aspire front springs.

        Look for the "Rio brakes" thread in this section and you'll get a lot of pics to look at.

        Rio rears won't fit. Totally different. I'd go with Aspire struts and cut Aspire springs.

        Someone was going to try Chevette springs for the front but I don't think he's posted his results yet.

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