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  • So, finally had a chance to work on the swap car today. The main power relay is toast, as bypassing it produced a functional fuel pump. I pumped as much old gas out as I could then put in about 15L of premium. Nothing. Check for spark, nothing. Went over everything I could think of, all looks good, found a wee bit of corrosion in the wire run from the distributor to the Ecu, repaired it, put everything back together, voila! Theres spark, but no starting.

    Pull the plugs, they are soaked and in ing condition, so my friend picked me up a set while he was in town. While I was waiting, I did a a compression test, itís around 70-75psi across the board, rather low in my opinion, but it has been sitting for several years, so I figure itís stuck rings or lack of oil on the cylinder walls. Put in new plugs along with a teaspoon of oil in each cylinder, cranks but wonít fire. Pull plugs, all soaked with fuel.

    Hereís where it gets weird, noticed a Smokey mist coming out of the VAF when cranking, Mist smells like raw fuel. If you hold your hand over the VAF while cranking, the engine is pressurizing the intake system. Go around to the back of the car, there is air being blown out the exhaust tip while cranking but there is no fuel smell in it at all.

    Checked the timing, looks good up top anyways, canít get to the bottom with out pulling the wheel/tire/engine mount, which wasnít in the cards today.

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