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B6 hop ups and festy weight loss

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    You know I think about this and man when I built the crazy franken gsxr motor that I had to have pistons custom made for,or built the wide ratio gear box for my yamaha so I could run more gear without losing top end. or having the VW crank offset ground for 2"journal chevy rods so I could go big bore big stroke. I probably could of just bought different bikes different engines,different cars,etc. but I built that stuff myself and a whole bunch of other weirdo crap.And enjoyed doing it.
    Originally posted by ricko1966 View Post
    If I find a complete running as is DOHC engine in the right price range not too far away I may go that way but if I see a DOHC engine in the boneyard which year/model do I want to yank the head off of, and what else should I pull that I can transport in the back of a festy.
    30 + Vehicle projects right now.7 Festiva/Mazda 10 GM IDK how many others,hope that helps explain all the stupid questions/shortcuts/interchanges etc. trying to liquidate so I concentrate on the good ones. Goal finish 1 amonth using as much stuff as I already have accumulated.


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      Need to come back to this thread!