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  • April FOTM Winner

    Congratulations Skrapbob!

    Originally posted by Skrapbob View Post
    The Hoopty

    The Hoopty was a single owner grocery getter, owned by an elderly couple, who also used it to drive to their lake cabin in the summers. A 92 GL with auto and A/C. I have owned it for eight years now. It was totaled twice for minor damage, bought back from insurance twice, before I owned it. It has so many things changed on it since I have owned it. Cruise, bluetooth stereo, remote start, advanced suspension, LED lights, intermittent wipers, etc, etc...

    It was hit pretty hard and totaled for a third time in early 2015. I fixed it again used the extra insurance money to replace the tired B3/auto with a B6/5 speed.

    The Hoopty never fails to get me where I need to go, I use it daily and I like driving it on the highway so much better now with the 5-speed.

    Will Samet

    JDMSTIVA - Rest in Peace. Festiva of the Month, May '16 - Best Beater & Bad Luck Award, FMX - (Build Thread)

    JDMSTIVA V2 - Racecar, Showcar, Work in Progress - (Build Thread)

    1990 LX - B6D swapped, mostly stock.

    How to find me:
    Facebook messenger is the best way.
    Feel free to PM me anytime!
    Reddit / Snapchat / everywhere else: w4rky
    Instagram/Twitter: @WILLSAMET

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    Without the inspiration of the unselfish members of FORDFESTIVA.COM, The Hoopty would probably still look like the first picture, or would have been sold long ago!

    I have always liked Festiva's, even long before I had my own. I was lucky to acquire a clean example from my friend/neighbor before he passed. I actually found the forum while trying to help Sam repair his car long before I knew I would own it someday.

    I have never had a chance to attend Madness, but every mod I have done to The Hoopty has been done with the intention of driving it there and back.

    There are many great cars and projects here! I am honored to represent for a short time.



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      Congratulations Sir!

      I may have an entry myself here soon!
      "The White Turd" 1993 Festiva 144k miles. (Winner of FOTM November 2016)
      "The Rusty Banana" 1990 Yellow 5 Speed Mud Festiva (Lifted with 27" BKT Tractor Tires)(Winner of "Best Beater Award" - Madness 12 - 2018)

      "Papa Smurf" 1992 Blue 5 Speed Shell
      "Cracker?" (name pending) 1992 White Auto Shell (Future BP Swap)
      "Green Car..." Scrap Car that Runs?!?
      "Red Car..." Complete Scrap Car

      "El Flama Blanca" 1993 Festiva 104k miles. (Lil Brothers Car)


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        Congratulation ... a beautiful car and a great story. Hope you enjoy many more happy years with Hoppty.


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          Congrats dude, super clean build too.

          The heart transplant on Batstiva should be happening soon, so I may throw my hat in the ring this month
          1991 Festiva - Newest Toy
          1986 Horizon - The Race Car
          1993 Suburban 2500 - The Workhorse
          1995 Dakota 4cyl - The Eternally Broken


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            congrats Skrap.well deserved.:thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
            2005 IASCA WORLD CHAMPION


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              Congrats Bob, your car has been resurrected several times and always looks great. LONG LIVE THE HOOPTY.
              An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.