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Looking for a used Toyota Prius: any advice?

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  • WmWatt
    Tough call as there is no
    However an Internet search on "How to buy used Toyota Prius" brings up lots of advice.
    Good luck.
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  • bobstad
    started a topic Looking for a used Toyota Prius: any advice?

    Looking for a used Toyota Prius: any advice?

    Well, my Festiva is history; ending up abandoned and given to the police and/or fire department, for their "jaws of life" practice. Long story, I'll try to give a description of some other time here.

    So, I think I'd like to buy a used Prius? Gosh, the ones on the internet often seem to have a lot of miles. What can a person expect when that's the case; say a quarter million miles/250,000 seems pretty common. I'll sure miss the simplicity and user friendly mechanics of my Festiva; so don't want to even think about working on a Prius myself.

    I wonder how to judge a used Prius; when things like "did they use ethanol free gasoline" seem near impossible to know, and perhaps unlikely? My Festiva was a lemon, with only 185,000 miles when parked a number of years ago; until finally left behind, I did deal with responsibly at the very end.

    I'm trying to stay below $5000, so that means a car which would be older of course. I wonder how much I'd have to worry about repairs with a used Prius that was an older model?