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    i wanna see a video of some reversies in a festiva =)
    lightweight turbo festiva eventually... till then RALLY 323 FWD 1.8 turbo w/DMS suspension.


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      Originally posted by scitzz1
      I haven't always had a tach, but I have always driven this way. I learned back when I was 19, and the clutch was going on a company car I drove, the owner taught me. I still use a clutch when I am delivering, I am in too much of a hurry to play with it then. For normal driving though, I am clutch less except to start. Twice, I have had to drive with no clutch to start, come to a stoplight, turn off engine, put in 1st, turn ign switch, rabbit hop to get rolling, and away I go! If you are not on a steep hill, do it in 2nd, and you don't really hop at all in a festy!
      that sounds like a recipe to burn up your starter motor! i would only do that if there was no other choice (i'm sure thats why you were doing it, but figured it should be mentioned).

      i shift w/o the clutch on occasion, but most of the time i use the clutch... i have extra clutches (ok, so i have extra tranys too, but..) and i'd rather replace a clutch than a trany JIC i would screw up too bad.

      one time i had been practicing going clutchless for a while, then i had to accelerate a bit quickly thru 4th, and w/o thinking about it just jambed it into 5th.. ground a little but i got lucky it was close to the right rpm! After that i only go clutch less on ocasion to make sure i can still do it .

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        i cant do that with mine i have the after market kia clutch so its alittle ticker then my stock one


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          Originally posted by brianallmotor
          i wanna see a video of some reversies in a festiva =)
          once I get her put back together this sprin I'll be sure to take some

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