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    My latest review vehicle was a 2010 Ford Transit Connect. What a cool van! You could almost get a Festiva in the back, although it's a bit short, and the payload is 1,600 lbs. Anyway, just thought I'd share with other Ford fans.
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    Those things are weird looking but neat at the same time!!

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      Lately around here, those things are EVERYWHERE! It seems like every business that used to use minivans has one now.
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        Yeah they're everywhere here too but the crazy part is regular people are driving them.

        By the way, ^^^ That's 99.9% city driving :cool:


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          Originally posted by JPT View Post
          Lately around here, those things are EVERYWHERE! It seems like every business that used to use minivans has one now.
          X2 It seems like every business around here has one.
          '90 LX


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            I would drive one....I have seen a few and talked with a few guys that come in to work. There is talk of much better mileage with some tweaks but I am unsure what.
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              That thing would make a SWEET mini-motorhome

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                1 mpg better than a sprinter! And half the size! Meh. Hook it up with a turbo diesel and 32 mpg and I'm on board.
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                  Agreed, a Diesel would be sweet! These are cool-looking vans.

                  These are made in Turkey, and are very cool-looking (çok güzel!). They're actually imported into the US as passenger vans, since the taxes to import passenger vans are less than a cargo van. Then, they are stripped of all the seats and the rear side windows are filled in, making it a cargo van. Strangely enough, the same facility who does this also re-installs the windows and installs new, USA made seats for the passenger models! Apparantly doing all this is actually cheaper than paying the taxes for the passenger model.

                  I'm sure some of you saw the Top Gear episode, in which the lovely Sabine Schmitz pilots an original Transit around the Nürburgring. It's not the same van, but hey, it's Sabine!

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                    I've parked next to them and I wonder if the suspension would swap as well as the front clip and rear bumper they come stock with steelies but if the hubs swap it may be an advantage over the Capri or the aspire swaps because I believe they are four wheel disk

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                      that front clip would be pretty cool to swap along with the rear bumper


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                        i would so drive one too!!



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                          hood latch

                          I saw the test drive on TV last night. After searching everywhere, the tester had to look in the user manual to figure out how to open the hood. The front Ford logo swivelled up and a key lock was exposed. Cool.



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                            Throw a 6 spd auto in there and a small turbo for extra power. Get teh mileage up in the 30's.


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                              We have four of these where I work. They are part of the fleet I work on. Believe it or not, the biggest complaint I ever got about them, as well as my opinion, too, is the "new car" scent in them is the funkiest one ever. We attribute this smell to the fact they were assembled in Turkey. LOL

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