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12" Tires - What do you guys do?

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  • 12" Tires - What do you guys do?

    Hey Guys,

    What do you guys do for tires? I've been checking all over for 12" tires and the only place I found them were 2 different styles on

    PepBoys = NO
    SAMS Club = NO
    Sears = NO

    Dunn Tire has 1 type, but $70/tire (insane!!!)

    Any insight would be appreciated

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    91GL BP/F3A with boost
    13.79 @ 100, 2.2 60' on 8 psi and 155R12's


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      93 GL modyfied!!!


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        There's a local (30~ miles) shop that stocks 12" tires specifically for the Festiva (and Metro too, maybe?). He had 4 in stock when I needed a set a year ago and said he was ordering 4 more to have in stock for the next guy.
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          there is a guy by me (20 miles away) that has 1 but can order them.
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            13" tires/wheels

            2 weeks ago I found 4 steel 13" wheels off of an 88 Mazda 323 at a salvage yard, they will bolt right up. Gave $20 each for the wheels, then $36 each for 155/80R13s at Walmart, they mount for free & balance for $5 each (at least in Oklahoma & Missouri). These were Douglas brand (made by Kelly Springfield in the USA) 45K mile warranty. In the last 60 days, my source for new 12" tires locally in Tulsa Oklahoma dried up. Prior to that I was quoted $246 mounted & balanced for the saved almost $100 on the price of the tires going with 13s instead of 12s.
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              They have 4 different kind in 145 and 8 in 155. When you fill in the search for size, leave the center number blank like this: 155 ____ 12.
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                I have two sets of spares I keep for when the car's tires are in need of replacement.... whenever I replace the old tires I buy an extra set so I always have two sets.... just in case I get into a pinch....
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                  I found a nice set of studded winters on craigslist. Only $120 for a set of 4 with 90% tread on original festiva aluminum 12" wheels, with a set of chains!


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                    Originally posted by 25Horseplay View Post
                    Last March I order a tire from Onlinetires, paid for it plus shipping, I'm still waiting for that tire.
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                      Tirerack worked fine for me. I bought the Y372 blackwall. Worked great. Super fast shipping. 165/55R/R12

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                        My friend bought tires from tirerack, and he had no issues! They have good prices.....But CL is better if you get lucky


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                          Discount tires and order 12" and big O tires can order 12's, at least around here they can and they are 40-45 each. If it wasn't for fact my tires are really good, i would get a set and keep them for when I need them, but I'm afraid of them getting old before i need them.
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                            Ok this is what you do........You live an hour from the USA - Canada border, so you take a drive to Canadian Tire, and buy a set of 4 brand-new all seasons for $31 a tire! You will just have to pay tax when you cross the border back into the US.

                            Mine cost me a total of $161 (including taxes and $4 levy per tire)

                            The closest one to you is

                            240 Gerrison Rd
                            Fort Erie, ON L2A 1M7
                            (905) 871-1564

                            I will call tomorrow and see if they have them in stock......


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                     I called a Canadian Tire in the Niagara area, and none of the local stores carry them!

                              But that got me thinking...... If I buy the tires, and send them to you by USPS.......

                              Tires = $160-$165
                              Shipping = $25-30

                              Total = $185 - $195 for 4 brand new tires (but then you have to get them mounted, so may be a waste)

                              Also, not sure about taxes/duties when I bring them in to the US to ship them?

                              I can pursue this further if you want, just let me know.