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    Originally posted by sc72 View Post
    Fresh, Levitan lives about fourty miles from me, so, well

    Thats the rascal I had in mind. Life on the ranch is fine, nothing to complain about, not that anyone would listen. I am ready for spring !! Been thumbing through the seed catalogs as a temporary escape from winter. Hows things up Ioway ?
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      Originally posted by sc72 View Post
      Crazyfrog17, i removed the gauge cluster and put a small white line down by the empty mark, when it gets to that point i put seven gallons in, read the trip meter and the odometer, log into a small record book in the glove box. I'll give it a try your way and see what happens, nothing to lose and i might just learn something.
      Not a bad idea marking the gauge, but like I said... they're not accurate.

      I'd be happy if you could give it a try. With this method, you can get pretty precise readings.
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        Originally posted by FestYboy View Post
        ^ i used champion, and later went to NGK, but the trick is to make sure they are copper core plugs, NOT paltinum or iridium.
        i put 150 000 kelometers on my b6's NGK iridiums , and they looked fine coming back out ( some normal deposits), I just swapped out the old ones in my other festiva to iridium once i seen the condition, long life, and reliability of them.