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What have you done to your Festiva today!?

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  • Originally posted by Trencher View Post
    Today I put a dope interior paint in and fixed the rust holes with some flex seal, cant wait to chop the top off!

    I need to find a better way to make the back of the seats look better, I spray painted the back of the backseat and it just didn't turn out right
    If you're going to cut the top off, be sure and put a frame under it before you do any cutting so you won't end up with a flexi-flyer.
    Jack Byrd,
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    • Yesterday I made a brace for the engine/transmission cross member. It did it because the front mount location under the radiator rusted out and the cross member was sagging.2nd time this has happened too me.The brace was an easy fan and I will do this to all my festivas as preventive medicine, maybe it's my imagination but it seems to make it corner better like a lower strut brace on a MK1 VW.
      30 + Vehicle projects right now.7 Festiva/Mazda 10 GM IDK how many others,hope that helps explain all the stupid questions/shortcuts/interchanges etc. trying to liquidate so I concentrate on the good ones. Goal finish 1 amonth using as much stuff as I already have accumulated.