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  • 88 Ford Festiva LX

    Does anyone know how much R134a it takes to charge a completely
    empty a/c system?
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    Don't know the exact amount because I usually fill from a 30# tank... I'm assuming the system has already been properly converted to R134a? Not just the "stick on these nifty new connectors" kits that the parts stores like to sell without mentioning that the system needs to be evac'd, then proper oil added and the receiver/dryer replaced.

    The specs for R12 are 25oz of freon, and 2-3.5oz oil. R134a will be different but shouldn't differ by much.
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      ac capacity

      my 89 L's service manual says 1400cc.....I guess you could convert that to lbs. and it should be about .7 - .9 lbs if I remember right. Could be wrong, but that cc reading should get you in the ballpark.
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        it's in the .8lb area, if you're not sure, have an AC tech look at your gauges while you fill....
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          For an A/C system to really properly work, you need to have it vacuumed out before putting freon in it. That's the one thing that really annoyed me working at Advance, not being to tell people that.
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