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Looking for a replacement key for my Festiva

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  • Looking for a replacement key for my Festiva

    My current key is on the verge of breaking, and no one will copy it because of it.

    I am asking all of you willing to help to look at your keys and compare them to mine, and if it matches, I would love for you to send me a copy of it.
    Of course I will pay for the key, and shipping, and pay you a little extra for your trouble.

    EDIT: Sorry I just realized that this should have been in the For Sale forum.
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    There are websites that duplicate keys from a picture, not sure how it works or how much it costs but it might be worth looking into.


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      TE, If I remember correctly, the key code is printed on the right side door lock. (At least that's what I've read on here). You should be able to get a new key cut with that code at a locksmith shop.
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        could you put it in a key machine?
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          The 4-digit code from the passenger side lock cylinder is the way to go. I've used that method numerous times after some bozo broke into my house and stole all of my Festy keys.

          Since the code is the "master," you end up with new keys that fit the ignition (and doors) perfectly, as compared to copies of worn copies of work copies over the decades.

          I've paid anywhere from $30 to $50 to create a paid of new masters with the 4-digit code stamped onto them, both of which I save in mint condition from which to make "operating" copies as needed.
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            Just copied a key for our new festiva from the unused dealer key.... guy owned the car since it was new (second owner) and never used that key... had it copied and has been using only copies since....
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              Around here most REAL locksmiths will copy a key even from a broken key. They just won't guarantee it to work, but if you're there and can test it on the spot, they will tweak it until it will work.
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                Sometime in my jeeps life it has been rekeyed by someone. I did not know about it. I lost my keys to it. I thought oh no problem. I'll get it towed to the dealer, they will cut me a key, ill be on my way. A 200 dollar mistake, whatever. Well they looked at it and told me they couldn't make a key because it no longer matched the vin. They would be more than happy to rekey the entire car for 800 dollars though.

                I couldn't justify that at all. I towed it to a locksmith. He said he would do it for 180. With a 30 dollar cash discount. 45 minutes later I had a key. He had extra christmas money.
                91 Festiva L "Erika" b3t swap on the way
                06 Jeep Cherokee Overland
                95 Aspire (sold)


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                  I've clamped a blank together with the original, stuck them in a vice and filed it successfuly. The Festiva lock cylinders are retained by the lock faceplate and are really not meant to be disassembled. Phone the dealership to see if you can get a key code for your VIN. Good luck.
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                    I cut keys here at work and unless the key is twisted so bad it wont go in the machine I dont think it would be a problem.


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                      At one point in the 25 years that I've owned Festivas, I owned two Festivas which used identical keys.

                      Sorry, I would have helped if I could; I compared the picture to the five different Festiva keys that I have, but none of them is an exact match.

                      The cost of getting a matching key copied at Wal-Mart and mailed to TroqueEffect, as compared to the cost of getting a locksmith or dealer to make one is a big chunk of change.
                      If he takes the chance on getting his copied and it does break, it's immediately a bigger problem.

                      As many Festiva keys as there are in the possession of member on the forum, surely someone
                      has one that matches the one in the picture.

                      I just called the local Ford dealer and was told they cannot cut a key for a vehicle older than 5 years. Was told they use a local locksmith for older years and they charge about $35.
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                        I've had Mustang keys made at a Ford dealership using the VIN. I would think they could do the same for the Festiva, Maybe.
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                          I'm sitting at a Ford dealership's parts counter right now as
                          I read this thread. Ford only has key codes available for 10 years.
                          So right now they only go back to 2005. Next year at this time the
                          codes will only go back to 2006.


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                            That sucks.

                            Thanks everyone.

                            Looks like I will just pull all the locks, and the ignition from the 88LX and swap it over to my 91' once I get a warm enough day to do it.

                            I will just keep driving the Monte Carlo in the mean time.
                            Sucks on gas mileage, only got 21 MPG with just under a quarter of a tank for highway travel. Rest of it was allot of stop and go in suburbs.
                            Will see what it gets with the entire tank dedicated to highway travel when I go to see my girlfriend tomorrow.
                            1991 Ford Festiva BP (Full Aspire/Rio Swap) (337k Miles) (Around 95k Engine)
                            2002 Chevy Cavalier LS Sport 2.2L DOHC Ecotec (Threw a Rod)
                            1998 Chevy Monte Carlo LS 3.1 V6 (225k miles) Best MPG = 28


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                              Ill cut you a copy mail that sucka to me