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1993 Ford Festiva Automatic Transmission Issues

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  • 1993 Ford Festiva Automatic Transmission Issues

    Hello. I'm new to this site. I have a 1993 Festiva with 40,000 miles on it. I bought it off my Grandma who never drove it. It has been a great work car but it just recently started having issues. I notice in the morning especially that it shifts really hard when starting from a complete stop. It gets worse the more quickly you try to accelerate. It will also randomly have a problem shifting from like 3rd to 4th (I think). The RPM's will just continue to climb until I let off the gas and eventually I can feel it up-shift. Has anyone had any experience with this issue or any thoughts on what is causing this? Thanks.

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    sounds like it needs to have the filter changed, have a 92 auto and it was doing same changed the filter and serviced along with
    fluid. all so welcome.

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      Hi, welcome to the forum. For starters, Id check the fluid level in the tranny. The auto trannys have a dipstick near the distributor cap. Drive it around a little to warm up the fluid, then with the engine idling, check the fluid level. It's probably the original fluid from the factory and has never been changed or topped off. It might be low due to leaks at the driveshaft seals, for instance.

      Since you just got this car, I'd recommend getting at least a Haynes manual for it. That will answer a lot of basic questions.
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        Also FYI there is no 4th gear.
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          ^ auto tranny's have 4th gear their just missing 5th right?
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            ^ Nope, we're stuck with 3 gears with Auto transmissions
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              Yep, 3 speed only, no lockup torque converter either.
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                The Aspire lock up converter can be added. Awesome low miles, probably very little wear. The Vacuum modulator has rubber in it and rubber will age regardless of miles. Check the vacuum hose coming up from the transmission for traces of ATF. If the modulator starts leaking the shifts will start shifting at higher rpms and with more snap. At some point it will no longer shift into high. The vacuum hose is rubber and can start leaking , check it carefully. You lucky dog, you have something special, take good care of it!
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                  x2 on the modulator. I had one went bad and it did sort of what you're describing.. Its $10-$15 part but it takes some small hand and patients to get it changed. Front of the trans way down below the battery. See it from under the car.
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                    Welcome to the Forum and the Madness. You don't know how lucky you are to have come into possession or a low mileage Festiva. Start reading through the many threads and subjects. There are lots of good articles and knowledge.
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