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  • Valve Cover bolts

    Hey everyone, does anyone know where I can purchase valve cover bolts for my '92 fetsy? I have looked for a while now and cant find them anywhere... thanks

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      how many do you need? tried a jy any b series motor should be the same.


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        would like to replace them all


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          Do you have one you could take to the hardware store and match the threads? I'm guessing M8x1.0. Maybe find some the right length in stainless.
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            That's a great idea! I had not thought about the hardware store... genius


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              If you must.
              Or buy at Mazda or on line

              Or for a more classy look

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                If you need the grommets, RockAuto has them Looks like $14.88 for 6:

                VICTOR REINZ B45795 {#B63010237A} Info
                Part Image
                + Sold in packs of 6; Price reflects cost of each individual item, not the pack

                Or if you want a better deal, you can get 6 of them with a valve cover gasket
                DNJ ENGINE COMPONENTS VC400G Set; Includes Grommets and/or Spark Plug Tube Seal Info One of our most popular parts
                GL Model; L Model; SET w/ GROMMETS; Set (Only 19 Remaining)
                Part Image
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                  I replaced all the VC bolts and accessory bracket bolts on my B6 with socket head cap screws in polished Stainless. I just went down to the local ACE Hardware and matched them up. It was kinda expensive (like $1.50) each, but that's because they were polished SS. You can get regular bolts a lot cheaper. Stay away from the DNJ (house brand) grommets from Rock Auto.....they are inferior rubber and get hard & brittle really fast. At least mine did. Stick with a name-brand like Felpro, Victor, etc...

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