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Critical repairs no one discusses

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  • Critical repairs no one discusses

    Here is a short and well-made instructional video on an important maintenance item I have never seen discussed on the Forum, except perhaps jokingly. Apparently no one understands the importance of regular maintenance. Or possibly, the mechanics don't want us to know about how to do this yourself, as it cuts into their business. Perhaps this also falls into the category of Charlie's secret race preps, causing rage and confusion to all those he passes on the track.

    Replacing blinker fluid.

    IN 2017 he will upload the long-anticipated vid on how to replace muffler bearings. I can't wait!
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    On the Neon forum they had a swear filter that would replace curse words with "muffler bearings" or "leaf spring juice". It was awesome! Can we get that here?
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      ( I think Charlie uses a special inert blinker gas, weight savings )
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