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  • Locked hatch

    Hey guys so I guess I locked my hatch some how and the key I was give with my baby doesn't open it. I need help someone tell me how to get it unlocked! Lol

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    Does the lever work? Sometimes my lever will feel like it broke off on the inside. I gotta climb in and on the passengers side up near the latch i gotta push a little bracket backwards(to the plate). Its the child lock i guess! ANyway i push that lever and she will open right up.

    if the hatch is actually locked then i dont know what to do.
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      there is a little lever that actuates the lock, usually the key is attached to a little metal arm that has a piece of plastic that can sometimes break. the actual lock will be a little lever under the doorcard, you should be able to get to it. It's happened to me before too, only problem is we had to use a broomstick because we cant fit through our cage :/. i know your pain on it lol

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        With a screwdriver, you should be able to move the finger at the latch mechanism from the inside. It needs to be pushed down.
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          Here is a picture of the latch with the lever that they are talking about.

          Here is a picture of the latch closed.

          Here is a picture of the latch open.
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            My key don't work for my hatch so I but a zip tie on the lever and alls I have to do is pull the zip tie from inside to open it.


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              You guys must have fat fingers! I just reach in there and push the lever! Lol


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                Originally posted by william View Post
                You guys must have fat fingers! I just reach in there and push the lever! Lol
                Hahaha same here!
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                  I don't need a key.
                  Only a Mazda MPV actuator


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                    Haha I feel slightly dumb guess that child lock is adult proof also! Thanks everyone! I'll keep the latch thing in mind in my handle brakes always have the worst look with hatches lol