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Gauging interest on rear disc brake conversion kit.

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      Originally posted by F3BZ View Post
      do you think an adjustable proportioning valve will be needed? does this weigh more than the stock drum setup? will this cause rear wheel lockup before the front brakes have achieved max stopping power? will 12" wheels fit over the disc without clearance issue? does this conversion reduce or increase rear track width?
      At minimum a proportioning valve will be needed. What I would recommend is using a non abs Miata master/booster and porportioning valve. This setup braking wise would be very similar to a miata/escort gt/protege. They all run similar calipers but utilize different brackets.

      this setup will need 14+ inch rims to clear.

      this heavier then stock festiva setup however it's a little bit lighter then an aspire swap. This setup will increase track width 20mm which should not be an issue for anyone running aftermarket rims. If you where to use festiva drums and have them re-drilled to 4x100 it will only increase the width by 10mm however the added cost for machining it maybe easier just to find an aftermarket rim. The Honda Vx rims for example fit very nicely with this setup.
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        Okay guys I'm setting a deadline of March 1st. To get deposits in. Playing with powder coating. The final piece will be shot in black so these are practice shots for now.