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Gauging interest on rear disc brake conversion kit.

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  • Gauging interest on rear disc brake conversion kit.


    Who is interested in disc brake swaps? I am doing some proto typing and hope to be offering a kit soon. At this time it will only accomadate 4x100 wheels. However my design will allow the use of Aspire or festiva spindles. I need an idea on how many would be interested and if you are running Aspire or Festiva spindles. Here is a teaser picture where I am verifying hole sizes. You will be able to retain a parking brake with this set up but will need a e-brake cable. I will do a detail write up once I have everything in hand. Don't mind the rotor is on the wrong side.

    Easier to maintain
    Estiticy nicer looking
    Possibly lighter then aspire drums (still working on final weight)
    Does not require brake backing plates which are typically rusted out and no longer avilable.

    Pricing to be determined and will have some options.

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    I missed the teaser picture.
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      Sounds interesting!
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        I'm having issues with photobucket uploading. I tried multiple times and was only able to get one picture to load.


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            I only have stock festiva wheels but would be interested depending on price!


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              I'd probly be down for a set. I'm Running aspire spindles.

              Thanks for doing the R and D!

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                I'm interested too. My street car has Festiva spindles.



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                  Yes please! Such interest, very want.


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                    Yeah I'd be down.
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                      Originally posted by Zman86 View Post
                      I'd probly be down for a set. I'm Running aspire spindles.

                      Thanks for doing the R and D!

             - the blueprint is on the last page.
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                        Yes please. How much?
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                          do you think an adjustable proportioning valve will be needed? does this weigh more than the stock drum setup? will this cause rear wheel lockup before the front brakes have achieved max stopping power? will 12" wheels fit over the disc without clearance issue? does this conversion reduce or increase rear track width?


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                            Update on the disc brake group buy.
                            I have finalized the bracket design and have checked interchangeability between Festiva & Aspire spindle bolted on to an Aspire beam. I will also be sending out a sample to a member to check interchangeability on a festiva beam and I am hoping to get feedback next week.

                            This weekend I will be working on making a booth for powder coating so that I can powder coat the brackets and hubs.

                            I have been debated on welding the caliper spacers to the bracket and would like some feedback. It is not necessary to weld the spacers, however it give a more finished look. The reason behind not welding the spacers in is due to interchabiluty. You will be able to switch between festiva and aspire spindles by simply changing out the spacers. If they are welded this will become a problem.

                            Another issue I am running into is getting Aspire drum cores for the machinist. I could supply new Aspire drums however this will add to the cost. One option maybe if you have Aspire drum to send them to me as cores to help reduce your cost. Also if you access to cores please let me know and I will buy them.

                            This swap is 20mm wider then the stock setup.

                            As for cost I will be offering 2 versions of the kit.
                            1. Powder coated brackets,spacers and caliper bolts $100+ shipping
                            2. Powder coated brackets,spacers,caliper bolts and machined Aspire hubs $175 you supply cores+shipping
                            3.Powder coated brackets,spacers,caliper bolts and machined Aspire hubs $225 I supply new hubs
                            (If i get cores in the mean time this price will drop)

                            What you will need to complete this swap is rotors,calipers and escort e-brake cables. I will do a how to post shortly on the forum and include part numbers for the needed parts.

                            To help offset the cost of supplies and materials I am asking for a $50 deposit which will be deducted from the final cost at the time of shipment. As for time frame once I get a minimum of 10 deposits I will place the order and should have it ready for delivery with in 2 weeks.

                            If you have any questions or comments please share below or message me. If you are interested in a kit please comment below quantity and which option you would like.


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