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Leaking in trunk from ABOVE taillights.

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  • Leaking in trunk from ABOVE taillights.

    Hey all, thought I had the typical leaking taillights, so I whipped up some gaskets and sprayed water on the trunk. THe gaskets seemed to work, but low and behold, the water is coming from ABOVE the taillights! I can see it dripping down from above when I look up in there.

    Any ideas? Maybe it's the vents above the taillights that are leaking? What are those?


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    Try the body seam seals on TOP of the car. Reseal them with a good quality sealant.
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      Had a leak there once thought it was the tail lights to gaskets didn't fix it so I used some clear silicone around those black vents stopped leaking. I'd try the vents next it's the easiest and see if it stops leaking.


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        Thanks guys, I'll start by putting some silicone around the black vents and see if that stops it. If not, I'll try the body seam seals on the top.


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          What is the condition of the metal at the vents? If it's rusted and uneven it will be hard to seal. You may need to clean up and paint the metal to get any sealant to work.
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            Sealed up around the vents with some silicone, and so far it seems to have solved the problem. Thanks all!


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              Is there a trick for removing those vents from the body w/o destroying them?: They do originally have a seal but in just a little prodding on mine they simply crumbled.