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  • What do you think?

    Well I've been looking for over a month and this is the best I've found...

    Its a write-off...

    What do you think?

    How hard would it be to get it back on the road?

    How much further would it go? It says its got 275k on it...
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    It would make a good parts car, I don't know that I would try to get it back on the road though. Its hard to tell from the pictures how much front end damage it has.
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      Put a new light in and rock it
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        It does not look like it needs much , It could not have been hit too hard, I say find a grill and a headlight ,and align the hood
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          Thats what I'm thinking, it was probably written off cause the book value is so low. From looking at the pictures I can't imagine that the unibody/rad would be damaged. At the most it would need a grill/bumper/hood/headlight/corner light.

          The best part is, looking at the results from previous auctions, festivias usually go for less than $100 :lol: a coupple weeks ago a 1993 L when for $73

          Im just worried about how much longer it would last with 275,000k on it already. What would need replacing soon? Heck, how much further would the engine and tranny go?

          P.S. anyone know what that big white stripe/refelector is on the back?
          89SX funtop! Fully loaded!
          RIP 90LX


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            My car had less damage than that. The passenger side hit moved the control arm connection about 1/2" back, just enough to where the c/v popped out everytime I hit a bump while turning a corner.. I don't like front end damage on a Festiva, too many things can be knocked out of whack...


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              i agree, i've ran over a curb with one (just got my license and was being stupid) and had the frame touching the crank pulley, take a really close look at it and see just how far the damage goes before buying

              just my opinion

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