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Value: Set of 4 12' stock aluminum rims and complete AC unit

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  • Value: Set of 4 12' stock aluminum rims and complete AC unit

    Hello, I'm new, so I won't list these items for sale, just curious what they might be worth. I'm building a custom rally festy (sort of) and will be updating to 13's (at least) and dumping the AC from my 92. any estimate of value would be appreciated, thanks!

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    I've seen the factory alloys go on ebay for between $50 and $300 for the set. Getting the ac out complete is a hassle. Most people arent willing to pay too much. Still some here have asked for complete setups.
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      great! thanks for the welcome. I guess I'll throw the 12's up on ebay, I imagine shipping is the real hassle. I've pulled AC units out of metros many times, I can't imagine it being any harder on the festy (yes?) I very much want to lift the entire car (do they all sit so low? I know the struts are currently shot) I've heard from the yahoo group that one can swap over aspire suspension, and gain lift. Can I find info for that here?

      thanks again, looking forward to exploring the site.



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        I have sold complete a/c setups overseas a few times.. I guess they're hard to come by over there..


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          There is a A/C removal article in the "other swaps" section.
          Heres a link

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            wow! this article will be helpful, thanks for that! I guess I throw the AC up on ebay, see if Europe wants it. thanks again