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  • solving fuel sock

    The title should say "Dissolving fuel sock" I pulled out my electric fuel pump yesterday. I almost cried. The new Denso fuel sock had disintegrated.
    The full tank of non-ethanol gas is now cloudy from the tiny particles from the sock. I have no choice but to pump it out, clean and refill.
    I will install an old fuel sock and test any new sock in a separate container first, before installing it in my fuel tank.
    Has anyone ever ran across a similar problem?

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    Curious. Search of the Internet on "Denso fuel sock problems" finds no hits..
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      I have only taken a few fuel pumps out but have never seen that issue.
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        Hmm... That is interesting - never heard of that before - but makes me wonder if that is why I only get about a half tank out of mine...