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Aspire stuck in reverse gear

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  • Aspire stuck in reverse gear


    The shifter plate was disconnected on the right side. So I had a used linkage w/shifter from eBay sent but there was a dent so it didn’t quite reach under the car for the shifter to be pulled up into the car from the floor (my luck). I had the used shift welded onto the linkage from my car and everything fits and is bolted in but now the shifter rod is stuck in the first gear position. The clutch engages/disengages. Any suggestions?

    I just bought a 95 Ford Aspire manual. It’s got 119K miles and ran well for a while. It started puttering and died as the RPMs hit 0. Someone who was looking at it engaged the throttle and then the car jerked and died again. Now it’s stuck in reverse gear and the shifter is loose and won’t catch any gear. What would be the issue?
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    I'd look at the shifter linkages for which you have to get under the car. A lot of play in the shifting is usually worn bushings but it could be anything.
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      Has the shifter fallen in? It may be ready to- I had weird symptoms and thought the tranny or syncro rings were going and then gone- but the fix was $20 window weld, 20minutes and a night to harden- see the fixed links under "fallen shifter."
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        That's just about the same number of miles my '96 Aspire had when the shifter fell- I was so close to calling the junk man to haul it off- now it's 3and a half years later and the car's about to turn 138,000
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          This is the Beast.
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