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Keeps blowing Meter fuse when trying to start

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  • Keeps blowing Meter fuse when trying to start

    Everytime I turn the key to start my car, it blows the meter fuse. I replaced it and still blows the fuse. I had no problems before and I didn't add anything or mess with the wiring. I'm stumped trying to look for a short but I don't k ow what else it can be.

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    I'd try spraying WD-40 if you have some into the ignition key hole and working it around with the key to clean the contacts and remove any moisture. Sometimes that fixes startup problems.
    The meter fuse is connected to the ignition switch and the instrument panel but not the instrument panel light.
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      WmWatt thank you I will try that. I took apart the dash and looked in the engine bay for any possible shorts not nothing yet. I'll update when I try the wd-40 like you said


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        Make jumper wires to plug into the fuse location to put a test light in place of the two leads 12 inch long 1 end 1/4 inch male spade other end alligator clips plug leads in I stead of fuse hook leads to test light.Turn on the key the light will be lit if there's a load on it.Find out everything on that fuse and disconnect them one at a time when you disconnect the shorted component the light will go out.Light still on start shaking parts of the wiring harness watch for the light to blink the blinking section has a short.
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