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Refreshing the engine from Tootsie

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  • Refreshing the engine from Tootsie

    I am refreshing the engine and transmission that I took out of Tootsie in preparation for installing them in Sam's car that has the clutch fork pop out.

    I am taking lots of picture as I complete the cleanup and reassembly.

    Here is a list of new part I will be using:

    Clutch, pressuer plate and clutch release bearing
    Pilot bearing
    Rear crank seal
    Front crank seal
    Cam shaft seal
    Valve cover gasket
    Timing Belt
    Distributor O ring
    Rear transmission support
    Left and right transmission axle seals

    Will post some pictures later

    I was very happy to see that beautiful golden colored head top when I pulled the valve cover off. I changed the oil in that engine every 3,000 miles after I installed in in Tootsie back in 2008 and it really shows inside the engine. I believe the lady I sold it to was pretty diligent about changing the oil during the 3 year that she drove it after I sold it to her as well.

    I bought this engine new in 2008 and it's a strange combo.. It has the large nose crank but the head has an opening for a manual fuel pump and the valves are not hydraulic.

    The transmission is still in great condition as well.
    Tootsie's Head 1.JPG

    Removed the rear crank seal today. It is different to any I have ever seen before in a Festiva Engine.
    This was one of the last b3 engines sold by Festivamotorsport. I bought it in 2008. As stated before it has the big nose crank but adjustable valves in the head. And now the rear oil seal retainer is different. It has its own little gasket on the bottom for the oil pan. I will need to find one of these gaskets to get the thing back together.
    Here are pictures... Anyone see one like this on a B3 engine before? Actually I like it better than the one that is a half circle and has the oil pan studs in the bottom.
    B3 Rear Oil Seal (1).JPG B3 Rear Oil Seal (6).JPG B3 Rear Oil Seal (18).JPG B3 Rear Oil Seal (15).JPG

    Got the new front and rear crank seals installed and also the new timing belt. Ready to replace the pulley, the flywheel and the the new clutch tomorrow.
    More strange things I found out about this engine today. The crankshaft in front is the larger diameter one but looks to be shorter than normal. Notice in the photos that the end of the shaft only goes about 1/4 inch into the pulley. The square key is longer though and goes a little farther into the pulley key slot. There was not wallowing of the crank or the pulley key slot though so I guess it is working fine. I will be sure to use red thread lock and tighten to specs to make sure it holds the pulley with wallowing the keyway on the crank.

    Also there is no gaket on the oil pany only black RTV.... but it hasn't leaked anywhere that I can see. I did use a gasket on the rear crank seal holder and also the bottom part of the half moon seal that is for the Miata... plus lots of RTV as well... so it should not leak. Really the only leaks that appear since the engine was installed in Tootsie were at the valve cover and the distributor. I am putting in a new valve cover gasket and a new distributor O ring so I expect to see no leaks anywhere for a long time after this engine goes back into service in Sam's Festiva. Tootsie Crankshaft end (4).JPG Tootsie Crankshaft end (1).JPG Tootsie Crankshaft end (3).JPG Tootsie Crankshaft end (2).JPG
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    Here are some more pictures of the Transmission before and after cleanup
    Tootsie Transmission Cleanup (2).JPG Tootsie Transmission Cleanup (3).JPG Tootsie Transmission Cleanup (22).JPG Tootsie Transmission Cleanup (19).JPG Tootsie Transmission Cleanup (20).JPG Tootsie Transmission Cleanup (18).JPG