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Matching manual gearbox from other cars

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  • Matching manual gearbox from other cars

    I am from Europe, I can find most parts I need by asking for mazda 121 parts, but now I am looking for stock 5 speed manual gearbox, but there are no cars for sale in my country. I contacted some scrapyards, no luck there. I can't even find what is the name of the gearbox/ part number, and I couldn't find any info. I am sure that there must be other cars that used these gearboxes. I am sure, shipping gearbox from USA would be too expensive for this car...
    I would be happy to get any information.

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    You are correct...I just checked and it would cost over $2000 US to ship a 5 speed transmission to Latvia from my location in the US.

    I have bought some Fesitva/Kia Pride parts from this location in Germany (Deutschland) in the past but I would be surprised if they have any now.
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      Take a look at the following link. It is from another forum on this site.
      You might want to try some searches of this site. See the search box at the top right of this screen.Often people here use "tranny" for "transmission".
      You might also spend some time searching the Internet via Google. The trick is to find the right combination of search terms to get at the information you want.
      Good luck.
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