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Removing old baked on stripes.

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  • Removing old baked on stripes.

    Discovered something that's probably been around for years, but I just found out about it. I had some very gnarley, old baked on stripes (20 years of Texas heat). I've done the whole goo -gone, 3M adhesive remover with heat gun thing before and really didn't want go there. Voila! The eraser drill wheel. Looks like a hockey puck made out of gum type eraser. Made a 3 hour job into 25 minutes. Don't take it over 4000RPM. Nice!

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    X1000! Those things are the bomb. We get a lot of vehicles at work from other state agency's and transfer our old vehicles to other agency's as well. Have to remove state/county/city/forestry/college/etc emblems all the time, as well as the different agency ID#s. That thing eats everything but the paint!
    No festiva for me ATM...


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      also.... dont use on any plastic. used one on the front of my brand new jeep in 08, and had to have the grille repainted as it dug holes.


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        I was just going to ask about those since the stripes are the only thing holding me up from my rusto-paint job


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          Does anyone know of which store stocks this. I went to Advance & Home Depot today but none of them had the product.

          I'm in the middle of painting my car so I'm trying to find which store has it so I can grab it tomorrow.


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            I got mine at an auto paint supply store.
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