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  • Festiva fuel pumps

    Ordered a Festiva fuel pump (for EFI) through my supplier last week and what I got (a Delphi Manuf) appears to be a very generic model which needs wiring modifications and is not a direct fit on the mounts either. And of course tomorrow is a holiday.
    Obviously I'll be bringing this thing back but while I'm at it could someone knowledgeable tell me what other pumps are compatible with Festivas. I tried the search feature on this site (typed in: fuel pump compatibility) and came up with nothing.
    Thanks folks.

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    Click on Fuel/Air, then click on Fuel Pump.
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      I have a jeep cherokee pump, cheapest I could find in a hurry
      NOT an exact fit but connect wires and change clamp to the hanger
      and that was 100K ago.

      If you have time there are fairly cheap ways to go.
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        I got an Airtex on ebay for $26 to replace my old one that was missing the sock. The sock on the new one extended down too far so I had to mod it. No sock again but sucks from further down.


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          Thanks for the encouragement Movin. I'd prefer not to have to adapt too much but if the price of a correct one is astronomical then this might just happen yet. I would have thought these things would be fairly generic amongst a variety of car manufacturers.


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            I got mine at Orilleys direct fit no modifications and exactly the same as the factory one. Hope that helps not sure you have those however
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              There are several on ebay for $25 or so. Make sure that the sock looks like yours. I never had a sock so I wasn't sure what to order. So I'm stuck with a pump without a sock.


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                fuel pump

                i got 3,off e bay,and settled for a Bosch. if u,look on e bay,it ll say for ford festiva. get one with a sock,and wires. its a piece of cake. flush your fuel tank,before u switch it. i changed fuel tank,along with a new pump,and fuel filter.