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Ford festiva 1995 engine exhaust pipe

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  • Ford festiva 1995 engine exhaust pipe

    i put my 1995 ford festiva gli in for a roadworthy today and i was told the "engine exhaust pipe" needs replacing. he said the middle pipe is okay and just needs welding. Problem is i cant work out what engine exhaust pipe actually means in order to find the part? I have a mate who is really good with cars so he will fix it for me if i purchase the parts, but i have no idea what to buy? i only have 7 days to find and install the pipe. any help please guys?
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    It could mean the downpipe from the cast iron exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter.
    It curves underneath the engine oil pan.
    I am assuming that your muffler assembly is also O.K.


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      yes he said the muffler is okay.
      Great thanks so what is the part i need to purchase? thanks


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        I think he is referring to this piece.


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          Originally posted by bravekozak View Post
          I think he is referring to this piece.
          Yeah i thought maybe that too, but thats the only listing i can find, and its second hand and will take over 7 days to get here.. anyone have any idea what this piece is actually called so i can ring around locally and see if anyone has one?

          Thanks heaps mate
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            I've always called it a down pipe. I know they are slightly different between the Auto and Manual Trans.

            Check this Websites E-Catalog for Part Numbers - looks like they call it a Front Pipe.

            EDIT: Looks like they don't have a part number for that part, probably because they don't sell it. I have one packed up ready to ship but with the cost of shipping to AU it would probably be a better bet to go with the one on Ebay.
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              If you logon to a local parts supply website and enter the make, model, year, and exhaust it should show you the exhaust parts they carry.
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                Or you can go to a muffler shop an have them fix it. Thats the easy way.