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My first video!!

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  • My first video!!

    My son-in-law won a GoPro Hero a while ago so I asked if I could borrow it. Took it out the other day and filmed one of my favorite drives. The clip I posted is just over 5 minutes long and shows one of the twistiest parts. I didn't edit anything other than the length of the video. The GoPro was mounted on top of the instrument cluster. I was a bit surprised by the amount of wind noise as the windows were up and was hoping that the engine noise was a little more noticeable. All in all I'm not disappointed in the result.


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    Nice first vid! I'll have to show the fun way to our largest town within an hour. Nearly switchbacks. When I have the suspension to do it I will.
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      Great video quality Ian, and a very nice drive. Looks peaceful up there.
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        :-) is that a bird poop! LOL Nice Video.

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          Nice vid.
          Kinda looks like parts of Florida, flat.
          Wheres the mountains?
          Bug splat.
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