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Kia Pride / Ford Festiva Assembly Footage 1987

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  • Kia Pride / Ford Festiva Assembly Footage 1987

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share something I found on Youtube a few days ago. Apparently someone uploaded a video dated January 13th, 1987 of the South Korean Sohari plant. They are building Ford Festivas. There is also another video a few months later in May the same year. In that video, you see more of the 3-door Prides. I thought it was neat.

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    A very clean factory and the CLEANEST engines I have ever seen!

    Pretty neat video!


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      That made me tired just watching them work


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        Creyes, thanks for those videos! I was entranced the whole time, ignoring my copious until they were over. Then I mopped up and my brain kept ing some more!

        I would love to be on that assembly line, guiding the workers to substitute some 323 and Aspire parts at the appropriate steps!

        But a completely stock LX Festiva with all the trimmings would be perfectly adequate too!

        I'd even take out a car loan for up to $10K if I could order one of these from the past.

        Now how do I stop the ?

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        '89L "Muttstiva," now a storage bin, future trailer project


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          Hahaha anytime!!!! It's crazy seeing how many cars they had there and yet 80's Festivas are not very common. I actually have an Dark Red 88 LX and no it wasn't in this video lol. Mine came 13 months later in February of 1988.